Members are invited to provide photo galleries consisting of ten of their own favourite plants or scenes, which may be changed after being displayed for a year.

To view a gallery, press key F11 and then click an image The Jones' Gallery Anne and Larry Jones The Orange's Gallery Mary and Louis Orange
The Winters' Garden

Joan and Winston Winters

Margot Caldwell

In Margot Caldwell's Garden The Athertons' Gallery

Kay and Dave Atherton

Ros and Stuart's Gallery

Ros and Stuart Hamilton

The Harrods' Gallery

Sydney & Valerie Harrod

InCoskery's Garden

Peter and Joy Coskery

McGonigles' Garden

Catriona and John McGonigle Coskery

Refreshed in August 2015 Refreshed in February 2015

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New in February 2015

Lena and Richard Wray

In the Wray's Garden

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Repaired in March 2015 Refreshed in August 2015 The McCartney Gardens

Daphne & Andrew McCartney