22 February 2016

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Our Society’s Big February Sale            7:15 p.m. Thursday February 16th, 2017              St Columb’s Park  House

A number of items, mainly pots, have been given to the Society following a garage clearance and we will be placing these on the sales table at our next meeting on Thursday 16th February. If you are interested please come along at 7.15 pm. The items include

  *   8 x very attractive bonsai dishes. (the biggest is 11 ins long and the shortest 5 ins long)

  *   25 x various clay pots ( 9 ins deep down to 3 ins deep)

  *   11 x glazed pots of various colours (10 ins deep to 5 ins deep)

  *   2 x 30 ins long plastic planters

  *   circular tray (14 ins diameter) with wheels to move pots around

  *   2 x wire bird shapes for topiary

  *   heavy dibbler for making plant holes

  *   miniature fork and spade (6 ins) for use with house plants

  *   strong weeder to remove daisies etc from the lawn

Also. a set of golf clubs and a golf bag are available if you or anyone you know is interested.

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Choose and Donate

The rules are easy: You can offer anything that’s yours and too big or numerous or hazardous to bring to the monthly plant stall, so long as you are happy to be called by telephone and make arrangements for someone to come and decide whether it’s something she or he would like to have, and then, happy to accept a donation on behalf of this Society and get it to the treasurer.

Val and Sydney Harrod    The Cross, Glenshane Road                                    NI  71301280

We have a sizeable axe that has had little use - indeed has never had a good edge ground into it.  Would then be good for splitting blocks.


To take part in this easy way of getting idle items into use, if you’d like something on offer then get in touch with the person directly, or for contact details phone NI 71 301 280 or e-mail: and if you have something to donate, phone or email some details to  sydney harrod,  webmaster@derryhortsoc.org.uk.  

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